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To collect all the email addresses you have sent to or received from, Outlook provides an option to export this information.  Follow these simple steps:

  • In Outlook click on File > Open & Export > Import/Export to open the wizard
  • Select the option to Export to a file and click on Next
  • Select Comma Separated Values and click on Next
  • Select the folder you want to collect from and click on Next.  (selecting Sent  Items and Inbox should capture all email addresses. If you are using more than one account, you will have to select each account inbox and sent folder.)
  • Click on Browse to select a location and then type the file name that you want to export the information to and then click on Next
  • Here is the important bit – click on Map Custom Fields. This will bring up a list of all the available fields that are available in that folder.
    If you are only interested in Email address, click on Clear Map and then from the Left side click on From: (address) and To: (address) and drag that to the Right list
  • Click on OK
  • Click on Finish

The file it exports will contain some odd looking email names, but it is simple to clean up in Excel or any spreadsheet software.

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